TeamF1 Networks: Engineering Customized Networking and Security Solutions for Embedded Devices

CIO Vendor With widespread implementations across automotives, military applications, networking devices, healthcare equipments, wearable devices and more, embedded systems are bound to stay in demand. According to a Markets and Markets forecast, this evergrowing market is expected to rise to a staggering USD 110.46 Billion by 2023. However, despite the availability of a myriad of embedded systems, the major requirements that businesses approach solution providers for are innovative and efficient tailor-made solution and services that cater to the unique needs and preferences of their end-customers. Venkateswara Rao Chitturi, Vice President– Operations, TeamF1 Networks says, “This gives companies a unique opportunity to connect and bond with the customers and be ‘embedded’ into their daily life.”

While tailoring solutions is easier said than done, TeamF1 Networks, equipped with the experience garneredover two decades, manages to pull this feat off despite all risks. A subsidiary of D-Link (India), and a member of NASSCOM, TeamF1 Networks is an engineering company positioned as a powerhouse in providing customised networking and security software for embedded devices. The company’s portfolio of solutions and services include the entire ecosystem of networking devices and includes business security gateways, UTM firewalls and network storage devices, home gateways, service provider routers and many more. Venkateswara adds, “Our completely customized solutions encompass the breadth of requirements for securely connecting devices, right from high-performance routing stacks, hardware-accelerated security protocols to intuitive
device management.”

Scalable and Cost-efficient Solutions
Network security, Wi-Fi management, CPE turn-key and component software are also integral features of TeamF1 Networks’ core platform TFOS (TeamF1 Operating System). Characterised by high scalability, the platform has high custom integration and branding capabilities. For a solution packed with so many capabilities, users will find that TFOS is surprisingly cost-effective and easy to maintain. With a rich set of field-proven standard and hardened components and latest security standards and protocols, TFOS is a comprehensive turnkey software package which has established itself as a common DNA for world-class solutions.

TeamF1 Networks also provides businesses with another highly scalable solution, Business Cloud.Boasting
of the ability to virtually manage widespread Access Points, Business Cloud can push configurationsat one go. Users are further benefitted by auto-update feature of the solution along with its ability to provide Access Points with unlimited resources. The solutions’ flexibility to enable the deployment of additional devices and software for network expansion remote management only adds to the product’s value.

Future-proofing the digital network connectivity
At TeamF1 Networks, solutions are designed to futureproof an organisation’s digital network connectivity and secure the roadmap for embedded devices. Along with its expertise in the area of intuitive device management, TeamF1 Networks brings in a dedicated focus on the network requirements of small, medium and residential businesses, taking over their technical challenges and enabling them to focus on their business growth. To engineer the perfect solution, the professionals at TeamF1 Networks take on a one-on-one approach, sitting down with clients to clearly graspthe requirements and business problem. Venkateswara shares, “We take pride in introducing ourselves as an engineering company focused on high-performance networking and security software. Our team is the key to delivering the value, cutting-edge solutions and is committed to excellence.” Currently, the company is gearing up for the launch of yet another cost-effective and scalable product designed to enhance ISP’s capabilities through the Make in India initiatives.