Intellore Systems : Enabling Seamless Digital Transformation with Robust Embedded Technology

CIO Vendor With the increased use of electronic devices across various industry verticals, businesses are looking towards creating a massive impact on their brand by digitizing the products with a strong focus on creating an ecosystem. With an aim to improve their market positioning, organizations are on the lookout for innovative strategies to extend the product life and cater to the modern applications’ requirements for usability and operational efficiency. Trending technologies like IoT, AI, VR, AR and Device level security have come to their rescue and are propelling the evolution of the embedded technology market.

“Customers continue to face the legacy challenges such as early time to market, lower costs, flexible capacity, gaining access to emerging markets and technologies, and localization. However, the new age challenge is to balance the need to sustain current product portfolio while aspiring to make inroads into the digital transformation journey,” opines Devendra Abhyankar, Director at Intellore Systems. The company is a digital transformation services provider with a strong foundation of Embedded services. Headquartered in Pune, it facilitates clients with its Sustenance Services that address the aforementioned challenges, allowing customers to redeploy their key resources for more value driven development.
Offering End-to-end Product Development

Conducting a complete market study, the team at Intellore perfectly understands that every business when entering new markets needs to conduct a feasibility-study (or POC – Proof of Concept) before fully committing to the end-to-end product development. The team offers its consultation services assisting customers along the right path by conducting a quick turnaround POC, analytics at the edge and choosing the right communication technologies. In addition to this, with every business operating in a cut-throat market, Intellore offers competitive benchmarking, competitive teardown analysis, arriving at the optimum product BOM
costs before getting into full-fledged end-to-end product development services. “For end-to-end product development services, we take complete ownership in all the phases, right from concept, requirements, design, development, validation and verification to manufacturing transition,” informs Devendra.

The Four Phases along the Digital
Transformation Journey

Post extensive research, the team of technically adept professionals pen down what according to them are the four phases along the digital transformation journey with the first one being vastly improved operational efficiency through predictive maintenance and remote management. Software- driven services, innovations in hardware, and the increased visibility into products, processes, customers and partners has significantly fuelled the emergence of an outcome economy that encompasses pay-per-outcome, new connected ecosystems and platform-enabled marketplace.

Staying Abreast of Trending Technologies and Venturing Deeper into a Broad Range of Industry Verticals
A fairly recent entrant in this domain, Intellore has already collaborated with several renowned clients across the globe and has moved towards further expanding its operations and services. Seamlessly navigating along the steep technology curve, the company is currently working on several projects such as developing portable healthcare devices, smart solutions in the transportation sector to improve road safety and utility metering products based on emerging communication technologies like LoRA, to name a few.