i-Trust Informatics: Enabling Organizations to Derive Maximum Output from Embedded Technologies

CIO Vendor Despite massive improvements in processing power and communication systems that bolster the ability of embedded technologies, challenges that thwart businesses from obtaining maximum benefits from these systems remain. One major challenge revolves around the ability of the solution provider to clearly grasp the key requirements without over-understating them. The prevailing field conditions, discerning whether to develop new components or integrate ready components, creating the right test environment are amongst the other concerns that solution providers find themselves perplexed with. Standing strong on each of these fronts is-Trust Informatics. Depending on the business model, the company brings in the capability to develop any component to replace off-the-shelf solutions whenever necessary. Based out of Bengaluru, i-Trust provides clients with complete end-to-end solutions that are driven by components of solutions. In most projects, the company tries to develop adapters that connect components together rather than reinventing the wheel.

Powered By Experience and Expertise
Under the leadership of a team of seasoned professionals who bring over three decades of experience in product development and deployment i-Trust has successfully implemented a number of solutions on different platforms that include both computing and communication. S Ravishankar, Director- i-Trust shares, “i-Trust understands the science behind computing and communications. The experience gained from working with multiple OSes, real-time systems, hardware platforms and communication media and protocols help us to foresee the uncertainties and get information at an early stage.”Sharing about the company’s approach to challenges around heterogeneity that predominantly characterizes embedded systems, Ravishankar elucidates, “We take a layered approach where each component provides a specified service through a clearly defined interface and takes services from other layers/modules through the clear interface.” This approach enables the team to determine the compatibility between the systems and build
adapters if necessary.

The company tries to develop adapters that connect components together rather than reinventing the wheel

The ubiquity of mobile devices has made it imperative to make information available on these devices. As industry experts, the team of i-Trust foresaw this requirement a decade ahead and hence geared their development teams accordingly. With complete resources, that company is perfectly poised to deliver mobile applications on android and iphones and tablets while having successfully delivered many applications on symbiont and Windows CE based devices. In one instance, the company successfully ported Android to Arm board way back in 2010.

Passion and Commitment to Engineering
“Our passion for engineering in general and computing, in particular, to understand the science behind technology and the determination and perseverance to complete the project are amongst the many factors that strongly distinguish us in the field”adds Ravishankar. In addition, a team of skilled architects and implementation partners and the company’s ability to derive timely support from consultants contribute to the company’s strength. Grain sorting machines which demand quick image processing capacities and a combination of other technologies and automatic meter readers are examples of projects that require multiple technologies that the company has worked on. Its current projects involve working with image processing for security devices; IoTs for factory monitoring and more.